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Call for Art

We are ready for artwork submissions for work to be displayed in the Art Gallery during INFINITUS from July 15-18, 2010.
Entrants may turn in multiple pieces per person or collaborative group. The Gallery reserves the right to limit the number of submissions featured by a single artist or collaborative group. Artist attendance at INFINITUS is encouraged but not required for submissions to be featured in the Art Gallery.
Submissions may include the following: fandom, whimsical, fantasy, 2D and 3D pieces, sculpture, photographic, multimedia, textile creations, and arts and crafts. INFINITUS cannot be responsible for installations, and we ask that each submitted piece be ready for display. As we will be using artist's easels, it is not necessary for each piece to be wired; however, we request that each piece be supported by a frame or matting when submitted. 2D or 3D artwork that is unable to be displayed on an easel or on a table must be wired and ready to hang, with wiring that is strong enough to support each piece's weight. There will be table space available for freestanding 3D pieces. HPEF may, at its discretion, request further preparation for tabletop or multimedia pieces in order to display them. We may secure freestanding items to prevent damage. INFINITUS cannot be responsible for pieces damaged in shipping, exhibition, loss or theft; however, we will exercise great care with all art.
Transformative works are permitted; we reserve the right to reject any art submission that, upon our review of the artist's submitted image, violates copyright and/or trademark law. Parodies are acceptable. Do not submit another's work unless you have collaborated with the other person; in such circumstances, please list all of the collaborators' names in your submission request. INFINITUS reserves the right to refuse any work that is violent, lewd, sexual, or too adult oriented in nature. We ask that all submissions please adhere to a PG-13 rating.
We request that artists e-mail images of submissions to artgallery@infinitus2010.org. Please include your booking information: legal name, the name you wish the Gallery to use, the title of each piece, contact information, and if you will be dropping your piece off in person.
Our INFINITUS art gallery chair will notify you of your piece's acceptance via e-mail, and artists are required to sign a consent/permission form allowing INFINITUS to display your work in our Gallery. There will be a $5 per piece hanging fee, due in full when you ship or drop off your work. No hanging fee will be charged for items donated to the Auction, or for one submission by any individual holding a full registration, or up to three submissions by any individual holding a Merlin's Circle registration. Hanging fees will be charged for subsequent submissions, and for submissions by those holding day registrations and unregistered individuals.

Artists may drop off their pieces in person at INFINITUS on July 15, 2010, or may ship artwork to an address that will be provided upon acceptance, with pieces arriving no more than two weeks prior to the event. Artwork made with/of glass must be adequately packaged and labeled
FRAGILE-GLASS or brought directly to the Gallery. If you wish your artwork to be returned, please provide adequate shipping materials and postage so that we may efficiently ship your artwork to you. Failure to do so may result in art not being returned. Fragile or breakable pieces must be retrieved in person by the artist or an authorized representative or donated to the Auction; glass items are not eligible for return shipment by INFINITUS.

We will have an auction at the end of INFINITUS with proceeds going
to the HP Alliance, Kids Need to Read, and HPEF (the nonprofit behind INFINITUS). Any artwork donations to the Auction are greatly appreciated and will help us ensure our event is a great success!

We request that artists commit to displaying their artwork in the INFINITUS Art Gallery through Sunday, July 18, 2010. Submission to the Gallery grants HPEF and its assignees and licensees the right to photograph and/or video-record the image for archival and compendium purposes.

Art not donated to the Auction must be picked up between 2-5 p.m. on Sunday, July 18; any pieces not retrieved by that time will become the property of HPEF unless prior arrangements have been made. Entries may be submitted to the INFINITUS Art Gallery beginning January 1, 2010. The deadline for entries is midnight
April June 30, 2010.

We are very excited to see what our fandom artists have created for INFINITUS – they are sure to help make INFINITUS an exceptional event!