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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Midnight Comedy Slam

Saturday is
Midnight Comedy Slam with..

Blibbering Humdingers                     Fred Lives
Quaffle Kids                      Hawthorn and Holly
The Parselmouths

The Quaffle Kids

The Quaffle Kids are HARVEY AND THE PUTTERS – Wrock Comedy Night will mark the de- but of a mish-mash wrock band featuring Tim Richardson (Quaffle Kids), Sunny Williams (Alo- homora), Matty Greco (Chocolate Frogs), and Joe Scheibelhut. Tim directed the film HARVEY PUTTER AND THE RIDICULOUS PREMISE where Sunny Williams stars as Hernia Grunger and Joe as Rod Cheesely.They will be performing a variety of favorite wrock songs by the members.


The ParsleMouths
The Parselmouths are a wizard rock band that take the Hogwarts experience from the perspective of those spoiled, popular rich girls (think “Mean Girls”). Their girl-band has been writing and performing songs since 2004, and even though the lineup of the band has changed a bit since then, it’s still the folky, upbeat, slightly ‘evil’ band it always was, singing about everything from school dances to boys to having crushes on their teachers. Kristina Horner and Eia Waltzer currently have three albums out and have played shows in a plethora of venues all over the country, bringing their music to audi­ences of all ages.


Hawthorne and Holly
Hawthorn & Holly are a group of musicians from Charlotte, NC, who began their wizard rock band in September of 2007. Christie and Leah are the vocalists, Eddie is the guitarist and Tracy is the bassist. Their sound is mostly pop punk and acoustic ballads. Hawthorne & Holly have played many shows, from private events to Harry Potter con­ventions in the time they have been together.


The Blibbering Humdingers
If Voldemort didn’t make you crap your pants, these folks will! Scott & Kirsten have been singing together since 1992, when most of their fans were still in nappies. They started per- forming comedic wizard rock in 2007, upon the release of some big book with an orange cover. Scott & Kirsten’s sound could best be described as esatz neo-retro--existential post- nihilism, drawing inspiration from musical theatre, 80s New Wave, 50s Do-Wop, Old-timey 20s Pop, and cheap wine. When not plotting world-domination, they do all kinds of costuming, go to SCA events, play medieval music, and yell at their kids to “turn off the Wii, already!” You can stalk them on Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace, buy their songs on iTunes, or find them singing in the hallway at a Potter-con near you. Scott is easily plied with Hornsby’s Crisp Apple Cider and Kirsten loves herself some of that Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Booyah!


Fred Lives
Fred Lives is a band based in Orlando, Florida. Fred (yes that’s his actual name) sings songs from many points of view in the Harry Potter world. His lyrics will either make you laugh until your gut busts or cry your eyes dry (or in some cases, stand up and leave the room!). Fred has done many conventions over the past few years and looks forward to doing as many as he can. A recent addition to his band is Amanda Jennings on piano. She’s an absolutely amazing pianist that brings an immense amount of life to his songs. So Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Witches and Wizards make be sure to check out Fred Lives this year at Infinitus.


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