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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Wrock Pub Night

Thursday night is Wrock Pub Night with...

                           Witherwings                            Swish and Flick
The House of Black w/MC Kreacher        Ministry of Magic  

Swish and Flick

Their mission is threefold:
1. To inspire everybody to shake their booty.
2. To make people laugh, preferably with us rather than at us.
3. To encourage others to embrace the Harry Potter universe, thus making OUR uni- verse a better place with love, unity, peace, and tolerance.
Swish, AKA Astoria Greengrass, AKA Stacy Pisani is the master mind of this project. She creates 100% of the lyrics and 90% of the music. Swish raps about her extracurricular activities at Hogwarts such as snogging Draco Malfoy, drinking firewhiskey, getting into fights, and engaging in general debauchery. Flick, AKA Un-named Slytherin in the Background, AKA John Pisani is the ingenious producer of this project who helped Swish record the music. He is also the kick-ass guitarist of the group and does amazing things with a vocoder.

Follow them on Twitter @swishandflick


Mandala is the sole member of Witherwings. She is a singer, keyboard player, and songwriter who started her wizard rock career in 2007 in Orlando, Florida and now resides in Dayton, Ohio. Mandala performed with a muggle band for years before deciding to venture out into songwriting on her own. She felt her beloved Harry Potter community would be the most supportive place to begin. Witherwings’ sound is a rich blend of harmonies and rockin’ rhythm, and is upbeat and soulful.


House of Black with MC Kreacher

The House of Black is dance/techno/wizardtronic! Erin Pyne started the House of Black in late 2007 and has since then performed with many of her favorite bands and people. Por- tus, Wrock Chicago at Terminus, Azkatraz, The Venom at Leaky Con and Wrock the Boat have been some of her favorite shows. Pyne considers being included on the char-ity albums Jingle Spells and Wrockin’ in a Wizard Wonderland a highlight of 2009. Pyne is the creator of the Orlando Harry Potter Club, author of The Ulti- mate Guide to the Harry Potter Fandom and Azkatraz: Inside the Cell, and direc- tor of two fan films: The Marauders Worst Memory and The Potter Prophecy!

In the Muggle World she trains Dolphins at Discovery Cove. Pyne worked as a writ-er/consultant with Universal Creative and has two new book series being published through What the Flux Comics: A Curiouser and Curiouser Series and Mason Macabre. http://www.myspace.com/thehouseofblackwrock and http://erinpyne.wordpress.com MC Kreacher is Myles Kane. The self-proclaimed “#1 Curmudgeon”, MC Kreacher emerged from the shadows in 2009 with his EP of the Month release Alone In The Dark. He is also the editor of the documentary film “We Are Wizards” which, con­sequently, introduced him to Harry Potter and the world of wizard rock. He was so inspired by wizard rock after making the film he decided to become a part of it. Many fans were introduced to the comedy rap style of MC Kreacher at the WizHop-Wiz Rock is Dead show in Boston and he will be playing at Wrockstock 2010!


Ministry of Magic

The Ministry of Magic is made up of five amazing, talented guys who will wrock your socks off! Jason Munday, Luke Conard, Aaron Nordyke, Ryan Seiler and Mark Jennings dance, sing and wear nice suits. With their pop/electronica sound and great dance moves they get the crowd jumping and singing along. Though the band members live in different states, they continue to generate original mu­sic and come together to perform live all over the coun­try. They have four albums and two side-project bands: Muggle Relations, and The Oceanic Six.


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