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July 15-18, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Snapecast Presents The Theory of Diminishing Snape: A Snarky Fan's Predictions for Snape's Role in the Deathly Hallows Film
Rachael Vaughn, Roseann Turk, Rebecca Agness, and Snarky the Owl  

The Theory of Diminishing Snape states that as increasing quantities of Harry Potter films are produced, while the amount of Snape content in the Harry Potter books remains constant, the amount of Snape content in the films will continually decrease. Until recently, this theory has been dismissed as moody conjecture from snarky fans who can't get enough of the greasy git, but after the release of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, many fans are beginning to worry about the decreasing "Snape factor" in the films. Snapecast (the only Harry Potter podcast that is all Snape, all the time) has devoted substantial resources to studying this phenomenon. In this presentation, the Snapeologists will present their findings and discuss the impact of their research on the fandom and the potential Snapeiness of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Don't miss the details of this important breakthrough in Snapeology!

Snapecast is a podcast established in 2006 by a team of depraved Snape-loving fangirls and boys, who came together because they had nothing better to do with their abundant free time than talk endlessly about Snape's excellent teaching abilities, Snape's snarky sense of humor, Snape's amazing fashion sense, Snape's not-so-obvious loyalty to Dumbledore, and his many other redeeming/sexy qualities. For some unknown reason, they decided that this would make an excellent podcast. Despite the resolution of the HP series (and Snape's so-called death) in 2007, they persist in their obsession with the Potions Master. This presentation is evidence that even though canon may be over, they just can't stop Snape-ing.
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